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Black Tapioca Pearls (2.0)
Detailed Description:
  Boba or Tapioca Pearl is made of tapioca starch powder, caramel, guar gum, xanthan gum and maple syrup etc. The feature of this little, amazing ball is its chewy texture and caramel flavor.

Its history could be traced back to at least one hundred years ago in Taiwan and known as one of the popular local snacks which is always accompanied with ice crush/shaved dessert or sweetened summer cold drinks. Until about twenty years before, by testing combination and coincident match of the tapioca pearls and milk tea, a dramatic result happened. Its perfect harmony taste created a booming, irresistible phenomenon throughout the country, Formosa Island. And this well-known, trendy product, Boba Milk Tea, is now been spreaded over to many major cities and nations in the world.

The role of tapioca pearls to boba milk tea is just like a shining star to a Oscar-winning film. It is the spirit of Boba Milk Tea. Contact BobaMate, if you wish for getting the premium quality of Tapioca Pearls and its related exclusive information.

Size 2.0 means that diameter of per tapioca pearl is size 7.0 to 8.0 m/m.

Shipping Weight: 19.6kg/case (43 lb 3 oz/case)
Cube Per Case: 1.27

Brief Cooking Directions:
The cooking time for size 2.0 tapioca pearls is 15 minutes and let stand for 20 minutes. For detailed how-to information, check our recipes please.
3kg/bag, 6bags/case (6 lb 10 oz/bag)
Unit Price per Case: $25.0 /case
Sale Price:$23.0 /case